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Grade 5

Construct numbers (50000 to 90000)


In Building numbers, we looked at how we can build numbers with different values. We used number expanders and place value tables to help us do this. Now we are going to look at how to build numbers all the way up to $90000$90000 (that's ninety thousand). Let's start by watching a video.


Worked examples

Question 1

What is the second largest number that can be made using only the following digits.

$5$5, $2$2, $4$4, $8$8

Question 2

Answer the following questions.

  1. Write the number that is made up of $14$14 hundreds, $9$9 tens and $3$3 ones (units).

  2. Write the number that is made up of $3$3 thousands, $15$15 tens and $6$6 ones (units).

  3. Write the number that is made up of $6$6 ten thousands, $6$6 thousands and $6$6 ones (units).

Question 3

What is the largest $5$5 digit number less than $90000$90000 that you can make using the digits on a standard die only once?



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