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Problem solving for a golf course (Investigation)


In Getting a Fair Share, we learnt how to divide. Then we looked at how we can use our knowledge of division to solve everyday problems and how to Break Up Big NumbersNow it's your turn to get dividing! 


Make sure to show all your working for how you solved these problems. Your working may be an equation (number sentence), a rectangular array, an area model or a diagram.


For the next activity, you need to use units.  Did you know, that students use Mathspace from all over the world!  Check with your teacher, or choose for yourself, but you should either use feet and square feet, or meters and square metres.   We have written the questions using metres, but if you want to use an imperial measurement than use feet.  


Design a Golf Course


The area of this rectangle golf course is $1200$1200 square metres.

1. Using area models, write three different possible sets of dimensions for this course.

2. The course owners decide to build a $4$4 metre high fence on the side parallel with the road to stop any balls hitting cars! They can buy wire mesh fencing for $\$50$$50 per metre. Using your three sets of dimensions from part 1, work out:

a) the length of fencing required

b) the cost of the fence

3.  What other material might be needed in the construction of the fence, work out what this might cost per unit, how many units you need and then the total cost required.  



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