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A savings plan using multiplication or division (Investigation)


In Getting a Fair Share, we learnt how to divide. Then we looked at how we can use our knowledge of division to solve everyday problems and how to Break Up Big NumbersNow it's your turn to get dividing! 


Make sure to show all your working for how you solved these problems. Your working may be an equation (number sentence), a rectangular array, an area model or a diagram.



Saving Money

Now we're going to keep dividing but with some bigger numbers. In this task, we are going to look at how to budget (create a saving plan) to buy an item.


Bob wants to buy a new iPad Air 2 that costs $\$600$$600. Bob saves $\$15$$15 per week to buy one.

1. How many weeks will Bob need to save before he can afford one? 

  • Show your working as a rectangular array, an area model or a diagram.
  • Then write an equation (number sentence) to show your working.


2. If Bob was able to double the amount of money he saved each week, how many weeks would it take him to save for the iPad. Can you think of a shortcut mental strategy you could use to solve this? Explain your reasoning.


3. Pick an item that you would like to buy. Write a number sentence using the amount of pocket money you earn each week to work out how long it will take you to save enough money.

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