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Divide various 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers


Definitions and rules

We've looked at a range of mixed division problems, so let's look at the mathematical terms used in division. Each part of our problem is either the dividend, the divisor, or the quotient. It's not always easy to remember which one is which though, so Video 1 has some tips that may help you. 

We can also remember some rules around division, if we need to divide by $1$1 or $0$0., so let's work through these things as well, in Video 1.

Other methods of solving division

Some other methods of solving division include:

  • breaking our number into 'chunks'
  • estimating, and counting up to our total, or
  • using a calculator.

When we divide by a 2 digit number, we can use either of these methods, but some might be easier than others. We also need to consider if we have any remainder. In Video 2, we'll work through a couple of problems and see how these methods help. You can use your calculator along the way too.

long and short division

We've seen how to divide numbers by single digit numbers, using long division. Can we still use long division if our divisor is a 2 digit number? We can, so grab your calculator and see if you get the same answer. We'll also use a short division algorithm to see how this might be quicker to solve.


When using long division, always remember to include a 0 placeholder where it's needed, so your digits stay in the correct place.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Evaluate $5600\div70$5600÷​70

Question 2

Evaluate $1477\div7$1477÷​7.

Question 3

Calculate $465\div2$465÷​2 by doing the following.

  1. Calculate $400\div2$400÷​2.

  2. Calculate $60\div2$60÷​2.

  3. Calculate $4\div2$4÷​2.

  4. Using the fact that $465=400+60+4+1$465=400+60+4+1, fill in the boxes with the missing numbers.

    $2$2 goes into four hundred and sixty five $\editable{}$ times with a remainder of $\editable{}$

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