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Divide a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number using short division algorithm



We have seen different ways to solve division problems, including the array or area methods, partitioning our number, and other methods.

Short division

What if we were able to use a method to solve division, so that as our numbers got larger, we didn't have as much to do? Well, short division is perfect for that, since we follow the same process for each digit in our number.

In this video, we divide a 3-digit number by $2$2, to start with. Now, this might seem a little, well, basic. But by using $2$2 as our divisor, we get to see exactly what we are doing. From there, we work with a more difficult divisor, now that we know what each step means. In each example, we either estimate our answer up front, or check it at the end. This is very important, especially when we're getting the hang of things.


Writing the answer to each step above the correct digit helps to ensure your final answer is more likely to be correct. Estimating an answer, either before or after you solve the problem, is also an excellent way to make sure you are on track.


Whenever you have a $0$0, for any of the digits, remember the $0$0 placeholder. This helps to make sure all other digits are in the correct place.

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