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Nets of Simple Solids


A net is the shape that is formed by “unfolding” a three-dimensional figure.  The net shows all the faces that make up the surface of the figure. 

Nets are often used to construct 3D  figures, and you may have had the chance to make some already.  If not you can check out the investigation where you can make a variety of nets for different solids.  

How to work out a net


Step 1, Find the base

Identify the base






Step 2, Unfold the 4 sides


Unfold the four sides that are adjacent to the base

The two red end pieces,

the front and

the back.  





the last step is to place the top piece

Step 3, place the top

it could be attached to the front, 

or either the edge pieces or the back


This applet is really cool as it shows you the whole process for creating and unfolding a net.


Worked Examples

Question 1

Based on the net, classify the following solid:

  1. Triangular Prism


    Square Pyramid


    Square Prism


    Triangular Pyramid



Question 2

Which of the following is not the net of a cube?

  1. A





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