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Level 7 - NCEA Level 2

Quantiles and Percentiles

Interactive practice questions

Here are Paul's scores from his last $13$13 rounds of golf played:



What is his median score?


What is the lower quartile score?


What is the upper quartile score?

Approx 2 minutes
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Here are Adam's scores from his last $17$17 exams:


Mensa is an organisation that only accepts members who score in the $98$98th percentile or above in an IQ test. What does this mean? Select all that apply.

Consider the graph of a standard normal distribution showing the $68-95-99.7$689599.7 rule.



S7-4 Investigate situations that involve elements of chance: A comparing theoretical continuous distributions, such as the normal distribution, with experimental distributions B calculating probabilities, using such tools as two-way tables, tree diagrams, simulations, and technology.


Apply probability methods in solving problems

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