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Level 6 - NCEA Level 1

Percentages and tipping

Interactive practice questions

Sharon has finished her meal at a restaurant, but received bad service. She will only be leaving a $10%$10% tip. Help her calculate the tip if the meal, before sales tax, came to $\$36.60$$36.60.

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David is paying for a meal with groups of friends. They received great service, so he is giving a $20%$20% tip. The meal came to $\$173.70$$173.70 before sales tax. How much will he leave as a tip?

Tobias works at a restaurant that automatically charges $25%$25% service to groups of $8$8 or more people. He has just served a group of $8$8 people. Before sales tax, their meal came to $\$238.51$$238.51. How much of a tip is Tobias going to get from this bill? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

Vanessa wants to leave a $15%$15% tip on a bill of $\$64.54$$64.54 before sales tax. How much tip will she leave? Round your answer to the nearest cent.



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