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Level 6 - NCEA Level 1

Business Applications of Percentages

Interactive practice questions

A sales assistant is paid a commission of $15%$15% on her weekly sales. Find her commission for a week in which she sells products to the value of $\$2000$$2000.

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A music shop advertises $12%$12% off all normal prices on CDs and DVDs. A CD is normally priced at $\$16$$16.

Maria and Eileen are employed by different companies to sell computers. Their commissions on weekly sales are $4.5%$4.5% and $5%$5%, respectively. This week they each sold $\$13600$$13600 worth of computers.

Two stores advertised the same range of books.

Honest Anne offered $20%$20% off the publisher's recommended price.

Fair Freddie offered up to $50%$50% off the publisher's recommended price.



Apply direct and inverse relationships with linear proportions


Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems

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