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Writing equations with unknowns II

Interactive practice questions

Rochelle has boxes of pears. Each box contains $19$19 pears, and there are $8$8 pears left over that didn't fit into any of the boxes. In total, she has $160$160 pears.

Let $m$m be the number of boxes of pears that Rochelle has. Fill in the blanks to make an equation in terms of $m$m.


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As part of his workout routine, Ned does $10$10 push-ups followed by $10$10 sit-ups. With a short break in between, he repeats the set of exercises $4$4 times.

Let $y$y be the total number of push-ups and sit-ups that Ned does. Fill in the blanks to make an equation.

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Kenneth is a rock climber, and is scaling a cliff face. Part way up he slips, falling $4$4 m down before his harness catches him. He then continues, climbing the remaining $13$13 m to the top of the cliff. The cliff is $23$23 m tall.

Let $a$a be the height at which Kenneth slipped. Fill in the blanks to make an equation.

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There are $110$110 men and $46$46 women waiting to board a train. When the train arrives, $26$26 people get on to each carriage.

Let $n$n be the number of carriages on the train. Fill in the blanks to make an equation.

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