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Adding tenths and hundredths

You have already learned about tenths and hundredths.  Did you know that you can add the two together?  Even though they are not alike, you can make them alike in order to add them together.

Watch the video below to see an example of adding $\frac{5}{10}$510 and $\frac{35}{100}$35100

  • You can only add like fractions.  (Fractions that have the same denominator).
  • You can make fractions the same by multiplying the numerator and denominator (top and bottom) by the same number.
  • Use tenth and hundredth models to help you if you get stuck!


Question 1

Find the value of $\frac{6}{10}+\frac{3}{10}$610+310

question 2

Write $\frac{2}{10}+\frac{10}{100}$210+10100 as a fraction out of $100$100.

question 3

Write $\frac{20}{100}+\frac{1}{10}$20100+110 as a fraction out of $10$10.




Use a range of additive and simple multiplicative strategies with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages.

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