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Word problems with mult and comparison


We have already practiced our multiplication tables. Now we are going to look at how we can compare the size of numbers using multiplication. Let's start by watching this video.

So you can see that when we compare the size of numbers, we can rewrite it as a multiplication equation (number sentence). 


Phrases such as "How many times bigger..." or "Make this number __ times bigger," mean we can use multiplication.


Worked Examples

Question 1

How many times bigger is $45$45 than $9$9?

Question 2

Buzz has $7$7 books. Mae has $4$4 times as many books as Buzz.

  1. How many books does Mae have?

Question 3

An elephant is approximately twice as heavy as a rhino.

  1. How many times heavier is an elephant than a rhino?

  2. If a rhino weighs $1300$1300 kg, approximately how heavy is an elephant?

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