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Multiples of unit fractions using number lines and symbols (A x 1/b) (2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12)


Multiplying fractions

When it comes to multiplying fractions, it's actually very similar to multiplying whole numbers. We just work with smaller parts, but the process is the same. We can work out multiplication using different methods, including:

  • pictures and area models (we use this to add and subtract fractions as well)
  • a number line (you can see how we add fractions with a number line)
  • repeated addition
  • times tables

Multiplying unit fractions

A unit fraction is a fraction with a numerator (top number) of $1$1. In this video, all the multiplication we do involves multiplying unit fractions by whole numbers.


Worked Examples

Question 1

We are going to work out how to represent $5\times\frac{1}{3}$5×13 on the number line.

  1. Mark $\frac{1}{3}$13 on the number line.


  2. Now mark $5\times\frac{1}{3}$5×13 on this number line.


Question 2

Evaluate each of the following, leaving your answers in fully simplified form.

  1. $5\times\frac{1}{6}$5×16

  2. $10\times\frac{1}{6}$10×16

  3. $12\times\frac{1}{6}$12×16

Question 3

Which of the following models correctly shows the value of $7\times\frac{1}{6}$7×16?

  1. A




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