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Stage 2

Add/sub of unit fractions


Using a diagram

You may have learned about comparing fractions with area models.

Now watch this video on representing addition and subtraction problems with fractions.

Try this questions for yourself.

Worked example

Question 1

Which of the following options equal the fraction shown?

  1. $+$+ $+$+


    $+$+ $+$+


    $+$+ $+$+





Using a number line

Sometimes it is easier to think about adding and subtracting fractions using a number line. Watch this video to learn about adding and subtracting using a number line.

Try this question for yourself.

Worked example

Question 2

Find the value of $\frac{3}{4}-\frac{1}{4}$3414.


The denominator tells us how many parts make the whole.

The numerator tells us how many parts in the fraction.

We can add and subtract the fraction parts easily if they have the same denominator.

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