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Stage 2

Problem Solving with mixed operations


When we see a problem that has more than one step, we can turn this into a number problem and solve it in parts.  Let's have a look how a written problem can be changed into a number problem, ready for us to solve.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Georgia has $3$3 dogs . She feeds each of them $10$10 dog biscuits. She also feeds $3$3 extra biscuits to her friend's puppy.

  1. How many biscuits has Georgia given out altogether?

Question 2

Miss Oakley has $37$37 chocolates to give out to $3$3 groups of students on a school excursion.

She firstly takes away $4$4 chocolates to save for students who are absent, then she divides the remaining chocolates equally among the $3$3 groups.

  1. If $N$N stands for the number of chocolates each group receives, find $N$N.

Question 3

Danielle has saved $\$506$$506 over the course of the month. If she earns $\$241$$241 this week from her part time job, but spends $\$82$$82, how much does she have left?

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