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Find quotients (15x15)


Having some tools to help with multiplication means we can use those same tools for division.   Arrays, the area of a rectangle, and place value are all useful for working out quotients using division.    

Using arrays

For $\frac{63}{9}$639  , which we can also write as $63\div9$63÷​9, we can look at how many rows of 9 we need to make 63.  Here's a lesson on arrays that might help you see how they can be useful.

Using the area of a rectangle

For $\frac{45}{9}$459 , which we can write as $45\div9$45÷​9,  what is the length of the rectangle that gives us an area of 45, if the width is 9?  Want a refresher on how the area of rectangles can help here?   This topic shows how we use it for multiplication, and can use the same approach for finding the quotient.

Place value to break our problem up

To solve $\frac{33}{3}$333 , which we can write as $33\div3$33÷​3, we can break this into two smaller problems, 3 tens, or 30 divided by 3,  plus 3 ones, or 3, divided by 3 , then add the solutions together.

Have a look at the video to see how we do this, and think about which method might be the one for you!

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