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Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number


When we multiply a number of groups, by how many items are in each group, we work out the total number of items we have.   So, let's say we have 4 baskets, each containing 6 apples.  Altogether, 4 multiplied by 6 means we have 24 apples in total.  You can see more on how to work these out here.

We can use this to help us work the other way as well, when we need to divide a two digit number by a one digit number.  Imagine that this time, we have 24 apples, and 4 baskets.  How many apples will we put in each basket? Or, if we have 24 apples that need to be shared into groups of 6 apples, how many baskets will we need?

To see more on how to divide a $2$2 digit number by a $1$1 digit number, have a look at this video:


Multiplication and division are closely related, and fact families are very helpful here. In our example above, our fact family is:

4 x 6 = 24      6 x 4 = 24      24/6 = 4        24/4 = 4

Worked Examples

Question 1

Evaluate $18\div3$18÷​3.

Question 2

Evaluate $36\div6$36÷​6.

Question 3

Fill in the quotient:

  1.    $\editable{}$
    $9$9 $36$36

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