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Stage 2

Numbers, words and symbols (in billions)


When we are writing numbers in numerals from words, we need to look at each part of the sentence which tells us the place value columns to use. In this video I also look at inequality symbols greater than and less than to compare numbers.

Worked Examples

Question 1

How do we write $8900003000$8900003000 in words?

  1. eight billion, three hundred million, nine thousand


    eight billion, nine hundred million and three


    eight billion, nine hundred million, three thousand


    eight hundred and ninety million and three hundred


Question 2

Write the following in numerals:

  1. eight billion, one hundred million, four thousand

Question 3

Write the following in numerals:

  1. five hundred and fifty four billion, four hundred and sixty eight million, two hundred and twenty three thousand, seven hundred and ninety eight

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