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Stage 2

Round whole numbers (to 100000)


Previously we learnt to round numbers to the nearest tens or hundreds, as well as round to the nearest thousand, shown in this video.

This time, we look at rounding large numbers, using a variety of problems.   We may round a large number to the nearest ten, but we may also need to round large numbers to the nearest hundred thousand.  There's a mixed bag to show how we can still use our existing methods, even on large numbers with groups of digits.

Watch the video to see how you might tackle each problem.


When our number is halfway between the two end points, we always round up.

 Working Examples

Question 1

Round $50000$50000 to the nearest hundred thousand.

Question 2

Round  $974321$974321 to the nearest ten thousand.

Question 3

Round $711919$711919 to the nearest hundred.

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