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Stage 1

Identify lines and angles in 2D shapes


Looking into shapes

When we look at shapes closely, we can see different angles and lines. We've looked at angles before, but the types of angles are pretty important, since they can help us with more complicated maths later on.


The class project involved designing a play area, and the 'rad skate' team designed a skate park.

The thing is, they forgot to label their angles and lines! We're going to do it for them, so in Video 1, let's find and label the following:

  • acute angles
  • right angles
  • obtuse angles


Just like the angles, we can also classify, or name, lines in our shapes. The skate park design has some of these lines, so let's go and see if we  can help the rad skate team label their lines. We're going to find the following types:

  • perpendicular lines
  • parallel lines

By the way, we'll also look at what this symbols means if you see it in the questions: ► ►


Parallel lines are a little like train tracks, or the 'll' in the word parallel! Perpendicular lines are the two lines that join to make a right angle.

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