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Identify and Compare Angles


Identifying angles

Angles are everywhere we look and they help us measure how much something turns. There are angles right beside you now. Can you see any?

Let's explore some angles in Video 1.


Comparing angles

When we open a door, we create an angle. As we open the door further, the angle increases (gets bigger). Can you see the angle we are creating in the door opening below? What happens when we open the door further?

In Video 2, we look at how similar objects can have different angles. Let's look at how angles can be bigger, smaller or the same.


Even if we make the arms of an angle longer, the size of the angle doesn't change. 


Worked examples

Question 1

Which angle is bigger?

  1. A


Question 2

In the clocks shown, think of the angle from the minute hand to the hour hand going clockwise.

Which clock shows the bigger angle?

  1. A


Question 3

Think about the two angles shown below and fill in the blanks.

  1. The arms in Angle $1$1 are             the arms in Angle $2$2.

    the same as


    shorter than


    longer than

  2. The angle in Angle $1$1 is the angle in Angle $2$2.

    smaller than


    larger than


    the same as


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