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Add 3 numbers II


You might remember learning how to use patterns to add 2 numbers or how to add 3 numbers using special addition strategies.  Now you're going to see how to apply those same strategies to add 3 larger numbers.  It might look tricky, but the rules are still the same!

Watch this video and see if you can identify the strategies used to help make adding easier.


You can add numbers in any order.  Regroup and reorder your numbers to make adding easier!

Worked Examples

question 1

Solve $40+20+3$40+20+3

question 2

Evaluate $73+2+23$73+2+23.

question 3

In a family, the grandmother is $73$73 years old, the mother is $32$32 years old, and the daughter is $4$4 years old.

  1. What is the combined age of the family?

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