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Word problems I


Sometimes we have a written problem that we need to solve, rather than an equation with numbers.  Finding out what we know, and what we are looking for, is the first step to solving these. This video shows you how to solve them in one step.

Worked Examples

Question 1

Tricia has $3$3 goldfish in her very large fish tank. She wants to buy $17$17 more so that her large tank is filled with goldfish.

  1. How many will she have altogether?

Question 2

Tracy is $12$12 years old. She has two younger siblings: Tricia, who is $7$7, and Jimmy, who is $5$5.

  1. How much older is Tracy than her younger sister Tricia?

  2. How much older is Tracy than her brother?

Question 3

Robert is running a cake and cookie stall at his son's school to help raise money for charity. In one day he sells $52$52 pieces of cake and $56$56 cookies.

  1. If he started with $59$59 cookies, how many cookies does Robert have left at the end of the day?

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