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7.10 Story problems with multiplication or division

Interactive practice questions

Each day the school canteen goes through $1.49$1.49 kilograms of mayonnaise. How much mayonnaise would they go through in $3$3 days?

Approx a minute

A landscaper is paving a garden path with tiles that each have a mass of $7.18$7.18 kg. If he uses $7$7 tiles, what is the total mass?

Bianca ordered some take away dinner for her family. She bought $4$4 main-course meals that cost $\$12.20$$12.20 each, and $2$2 entrees that cost $\$4.50$$4.50 each.

How much in total did the $4$4 main courses cost?

A robot at The Widget and Trinket Emporium takes $90.3$90.3 seconds to apply a protective coating to every widget, and $20.4$20.4 seconds for every trinket.

How long, in seconds, will it take for the robot to coat $8$8 trinkets?

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