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7.04 Story problems with addition and subtraction

Interactive practice questions

A group of friends measured each other's heights and recorded the results in the table shown.

How much taller is Sally than Luke?

Name Height (m)
Luke $1.49$1.49
Yuri $1.6$1.6
Sally $1.7$1.7
Tricia $1.94$1.94
Approx a minute

A farmer measured the rainfall her property received in the months of March, April, and May. The amounts are shown in the table.

How much rain did her property receive in total in April and May?

During a small earthquake event, two large rocks fell from a cliff. A geologist measured the mass of the two rocks. One rock had a mass of $69.22$69.22 kg, and the second rock had a mass of $72.74$72.74 kg.

What was the total mass of the two rocks that fell from the cliff?

Answer the following:

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