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10.06 Horizontal bar graphs and vertical column graphs

Interactive practice questions

Carl had $6$6 yellow marbles, $2$2 white marbles, $8$8 red marbles, $15$15 black marbles, and $5$5 blue marbles. Use this information to complete the column graph.

MarblesColorNumber of Marbles51015yellowwhiteredblackblue
Less than a minute

The fish shop has $5$5 tanks.

The graph below shows the number of fish in the $5$5 tanks, where each square represents $2$2 fish.

Glen was looking at the column graph shown.

Below is a graph showing the type of fruit each student in a class brought in for lunch yesterday.

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uses appropriate methods to collect data and constructs, interprets and evaluates data displays, including dot plots, line graphs and two-way tables

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