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10.03 Tables

Interactive practice questions

Roxanne asked $32$32 people to choose their favourite fruit. $10$10 people picked apples, $14$14 people picked bananas, $6$6 people picked grapes and $2$2 people picked pears.

Write Roxanne’s results in the frequency table below.

Fruit Frequency
Apples $10$10
Bananas $\editable{}$
Grapes $\editable{}$
Pears $\editable{}$
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Mr. Rodriguez recorded the number of pets owned by each of the students in his class. He found that $15$15 people had no pets, $19$19 people had one pet, $3$3 people had two pets and $8$8 people had three pets.

Write Mr. Rodriguez's results in the frequency table below.

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Mr. Wertheimer asked his $40$40 students about what they want to be when they grow up. $11$11 wanted to be a civil engineer, $12$12 wanted to be a doctor, $5$5 wanted to be a teacher, and $12$12 wanted to be a politician.

Which list shows the correct positions $A$A, $B$B, $C$C, $D$D.

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Amelia asks $15$15 of her friends what their favourite colour is. She writes down their answer. Here is what she wrote down:

pink, blue, yellow, blue, green, pink, blue, blue, blue, pink, pink, blue, green, pink, blue

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uses appropriate methods to collect data and constructs, interprets and evaluates data displays, including dot plots, line graphs and two-way tables

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