We've found students who are taking initiative in their maths learning, who have a growth mindset and who like to help others to be the best they can be too.

Our 2019 Student Winners

Aden Chitra

Centenary Heights State High School

Aden is a committed and hard-working student. He is focused on completing activities and learning new concepts, with the goal of further consolidating his mathematics skills. An active class participant, Aden’s teacher describes how his interest in mathematics motivates other students. In 2019, Aden mastered 228 different maths topics.

Vaibhav Puttagunta

Concord High School

If there were one word to describe Vaibhav, it’s positivity! His attitude towards learning and his eagerness to receive feedback means that his is able to tackle all maths questions with confidence. This year Vaibhav has gone above and beyond assigned work, trying out new Mathspace tasks to further refine his mathematics skills. This year, Vaibhav has mastered 25 different maths topics and also shared valuable feedback with the Mathspace team to help improve the platform.

Banjo Norris

Foundation Christian College

Banjo is a dedicated and self-driven learner. He is hardworking and often ends up ahead of the class. When working independently, Banjo uses Mathspace lessons to guide progress This year, Banjo has mastered 30 maths topics on Mathspace, and has solved 4,348 problems.

Advaith Ramakrishnan

Harrison School

Advaith is an enthusiastic student of Mathematics. A member of the Student Leadership committee, Advaith has demonstrated purpose by representing his school in the ACT High School STEM Challenge, and participating in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Advaith likes the video lessons in Mathspace to support his learning, and how the points system tracks his progress. This year, Advaith has provided 60 pieces of feedback that contributes to the improvement of Mathspace.

Vivien Lovett

Marian Catholic College, Kenthurst NSW

Vivien has been able to self teach herself lots of content from the course and she has taken it upon herself to complete extra work. Through her perseverance and dedication to improve her maths skills, she has set a high example for her class, motivating others to give their best too. This year, Vivien spent 5,627 minutes on Mathspace and she solved 4,794 problems.

Sohana Habib

Melrose High School

Sohana always works diligently and completes all tasks before the deadline, and seeks extension work whenever she can. She is never off task, she remains focused for the entire lesson. She is not only extremely dedicated and hardworking, but also collaborates effectively with others. This year, Sohana has spent 4,505 minutes working on 5,566 different questions on Mathspace.

Kieran Tran

Padua College Brisbane

Kieran is a passionate mathematics student, he has a thirst for learning new concepts well beyond his current year level curriculum. His passion for Maths rubs off on other students showing them how to be good independent learners. He is always looking to deepen his understanding of more complex topics. This year, Kieran has spent 3,691 minutes working on 1,958 different subtopics on Mathspace.

Tharushi Gunatilaka

Rossmoyne Senior High School

Tharushi is a high achiever, who excels in mathematics thanks to her hard work and dedication. What’s more, she supports other students to excel too. Tharushi embodies the value of ‘purpose’, and she does so with a permanent smile on her face. This year, Tharushi has spent 13,024 minutes on Mathspace and she has solved 4,822 problems.

Mirthula Patchirajan

Shenton College

Mirthula is a keen learner who is always eager to learn more. She is a studious student who has strong study habits in and out of the classroom. A great example of working with purpose, Mirthula often asks for more tasks to extend herself in the classroom. This year, Mirthula has spent 4,067 minutes answering 5,316 problems on Mathspace.

Lily Foscarini

Wantirna College

Lily is a hard worker and always strive to improve. She has shown a significant amount of growth this year, by continuously practicing the concepts she wants to improve on. Lily is a selfless student who will assist others when they are struggling, even if she is struggling herself. Together, they are able to work together to solve problems. This year, Lily has spent 3,265 minutes working on 4,397 different questions on Mathspace.

Izaiah Webber

West Wallsend High School

As a member of the gifted and talented year 7 class in West Wallsend High School, Izaiah thoroughly enjoys math and is one of the top performers in the year. She always contributes to the learning environment, and has had a positive impact on her fellow female students by always encouraging them to try their best. Izaiah is a strong, powerful problem solver and a budding mathematician who is always striving to do more. This year, Izaiah has spent 2,828 minutes on Mathspace, working on 6,055 different question.

Saniya Arya

Westbourne Grammar

Saniya has shown significant growth and motivation to work hard and achieve a high level of success on Mathspace. She loves to be challenged and will seek extra activities to help consolidate her knowledge across areas, and is always willing to help others. Saniya has set a very high standard in the classroom and is a great example of continuous improvement. This year, Saniya has spent 1,817 minutes on Mathspace, working on 6,225 different questions.