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Stage 4 - Stage 5

5 Number Summary

Interactive practice questions

The table shows the number of points scored by a basketball team in each game of their previous season.

$59$59 $67$67 $73$73 $82$82 $91$91 $58$58 $79$79 $88$88
$69$69 $84$84 $55$55 $80$80 $98$98 $64$64 $82$82  

Sort the data in ascending order.


State the maximum value of the set.


State the minimum value of the set.


Find the median value.


Find the lower quartile.


Find the upper quartile.

Approx 6 minutes

The table shows the finishing times (in minutes) of the competitors in a $1500$1500 m swimming race.

The table shows the marks in an end-of-year exam for a class of students.

There is a test to measure the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of an individual. Here are the EQ results for 21 people listed in ascending order.


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