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Misrepresentation of Results

Interactive practice questions

Lachlan asks $120$120 Year 12 students at his school how much time they spend on homework per night. $78$78 Year 12 students say they do more than $3$3 hours. At a meeting of the student council Lachlan reports "$65%$65% of students at this school do too much homework.

Which one of the following explains why this is misleading?

The survey does not represent the population of the school.


The question should have been multiple choice.


The question was biased.


The sample size was too small.

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How does this graph misrepresent the statistics?

Select the two appropriate options.

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A newspaper states: "Oil prices have risen by $33%$33% over the last two years."

In the article it states that in 2010 the oil prices increased by $10%$10% and in 2011 the oil price increased by $23%$23%.

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How does this graph misrepresent the statistics collected?

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