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Exponential Functions y=a^x Mixed Questions

Interactive practice questions

Consider the graphs of the two exponential functions $R$R and $S$S.

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One of the graphs is of $y=4^x$y=4x and the other graph is of $y=6^x$y=6x.

Which is the graph of $y=6^x$y=6x?

Graph S


Graph R


Fill in the blanks to complete the statement:

For $x<\editable{}$x<, the graph of $y=\left(\editable{}\right)^x$y=()x is below the graph of $y=\left(\editable{}\right)^x$y=()x. This is because negative values of $x$x result in fractional function values, and for any negative value of $x$x, $\left(\editable{}\right)^x$()x will result in a smaller value than $\left(\editable{}\right)^x$()x.

Approx 2 minutes

Consider the curve $y=4\left(2^x\right)$y=4(2x).

Consider the function $y=2-4^{-x}$y=24x.

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