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Stage 4 - Stage 5

Find solutions from a graph for sine and cosine equations including phase shift (degrees)

Interactive practice questions

The functions $y=\sin\left(x-60^\circ\right)+4$y=sin(x60°)+4 and $y=\frac{9}{2}$y=92 are drawn below.

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State all solutions to the equation $\sin\left(x-60^\circ\right)+4=\frac{9}{2}$sin(x60°)+4=92 over the domain $\left[-360^\circ,360^\circ\right)$[360°,360°). Give your answers in degrees, separated by commas.

Less than a minute

Consider the function $y=\sin\left(x-60^\circ\right)$y=sin(x60°).

Consider the function $y=\cos\left(x-30^\circ\right)$y=cos(x30°).

Consider the function $y=\sin\left(x+30^\circ\right)$y=sin(x+30°).

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