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Stage 4 - Stage 5

Symmetrical and periodic nature of trig functions (radians)

Interactive practice questions

Examine the graph of $y=\sin x$y=sinx.

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How long is one cycle of the graph?


State the $x$x values for which $\sin x=0$sinx=0, from $x=0$x=0 to $x=2\pi$x=2π inclusive.


State the first $x$x value for which $\sin x=0.5$sinx=0.5


Using the symmetry of the graph, for what other value of $x$x shown on the graph does $\sin x=0.5$sinx=0.5?


Using the symmetry of the graph, for what values of $x$x does $\sin x=-0.5$sinx=0.5?

Approx 6 minutes

Examine the graph of $y=\cos x$y=cosx.

Examine the graph of $y=\tan x$y=tanx.

Examine the graph of $y=\sin x+3$y=sinx+3.

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