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Units resulting from a formula or graph

Interactive practice questions

The area of a rectangle is given by $A=l\times w$A=l×w, where $l$l is the length and $w$w is the width. Both length and width must be of the same units when performing the multiplication to find the area.

What would the unit for area be if the length and width are in millimeters?








Less than a minute

The speed $s$s of an object is calculated using the formula $s=\frac{d}{t}$s=dt, where $d$d is the distance travelled and $t$t is the time taken. Glen is carrying out a science experiment and measures the distance in millimeters and the time in hours.

The distance an object travels can be calculated using the formula $d=s\times t$d=s×t, where $s$s is the speed of the object and $t$t is the time taken to travel that distance.

The volume of a rectangular prism can be found using the formula $V=l\times w\times h$V=l×w×h, where $l$l is the length, $w$w is the width and $h$h is the height, and all three are in the same unit.

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