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Gradient of a Line

Interactive practice questions

Which of the following is the correct description of 'Gradient'?

$\frac{\text{Horizontal rise}}{\text{Vertical run}}$Horizontal riseVertical run


$\frac{\text{Vertical rise}}{\text{Horizontal run}}$Vertical riseHorizontal run


$\frac{\text{Horizontal run}}{\text{Vertical rise}}$Horizontal runVertical rise


$\frac{\text{Vertical run}}{\text{Horizontal rise}}$Vertical runHorizontal rise

Less than a minute

What is the change in the horizontal distance along a line called?

What is the slope of a line?

If a line passes through the points $\left(x_1,y_1\right)$(x1,y1) and $\left(x_2,y_2\right)$(x2,y2), where $x_1\ne x_2$x1x2, what is the slope $m$m?

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