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Multi-step word problems (averages and percentages)

Interactive practice questions

David wants to know, on average, how many pets his friends have.

He has asked a group of his friends, and his results are below:


What is the average number of pets among his friends?

Less than a minute

Ellie wants to know the average height of her friends, in inches.

She knows their heights already: $59,48,47,57,59$59,48,47,57,59.

Georgia has sat $6$6 science tests this year. Her marks out of $100$100 for each test were: $54,63,91,80,89,65$54,63,91,80,89,65.

A bag of rice weighs $110$110kg. If the weight of the bag decreases by $40%$40% find the new weight of the bag.

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