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Enlargements, Ratio and Scale Factors

Interactive practice questions

Triangle ABC has been enlarged to triangle A'B'C'. What is the scale factor?

Two similar triangles, with the larger labeled ABC and the smaller labeled A'B'C'. These triangles are arranged such that the extensions of their corresponding sides BB' and CC' meet at a common point O. The line segments OB and BB' are each 7 units in length, making the total length of OB' 14 units. Similarly, the line segments OC and CC' are each 7 units, implying the total length of OC' is 14 units as well. The point O serves as the apex of two isosceles triangles, BOC and B'OC', with the base of each triangle formed by the vertices of the larger and smaller triangles, respectively.








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Triangle A'B'C' has been reduced to form a smaller triangle ABC. What is the scale factor?

Consider the following quadrilaterals.

Which unit do we use to express the scale factor?

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