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Evaluate expressions with integers using order of operations


Now you know the correct order of operations (see Maths in Order for a refresher), you can use it to solve problems with positive and negative numbers that have more than one operation.


Question 1

Evaluate: $\left(48\div12+5\right)\times3$(48÷​12+5)×3

Think: We need to simplify the problem by using our order of operation rules. Firstly, we perform any operations inside the brackets; division first followed by addition. Then we perform any other multiplication or division that is remaining, working from left to right.


$\left(48\div12+5\right)\times3$(48÷​12+5)×3 $=$= $\left(4+5\right)\times3$(4+5)×3
  $=$= $9\times3$9×3
  $=$= $27$27


Here's another example.

question 2

Evaluate: $48-6\times\left(8-4\right)$486×(84)

Think: Using our order of operations we want to first perform the subtraction in the brackets. We then want to evaluate the multiplication. Finally, we can subtract the product from $48$48.


$48-6\times\left(8-4\right)$486×(84) $=$= $48-6\times4$486×4
  $=$= $48-24$4824
  $=$= $24$24


Question 3

Evaluate $70-8\times\left(-7\right)$708×(7)

Question 4

Evaluate $\left(-14\right)\div2-18\div\left(-2\right)$(14)÷​218÷​(2)


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