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INVESTIGATION: Planning a trip


Investigation: Planning a trip with costs


Task 1

Your task is to plan a trip and calculate the costs associated with the travel for a two week, return holiday within Australia.

Step 1: Choose a destination within Australia to travel to and using google maps estimate the distance from your location to your holiday destination via car, bus and plane.


Perth to Adelaide

transportation  Distance
Hire car 2696 km
Bus 2696 km
Plane 2120 km

Step 2: Calculate the costs associated with a return trip with each mode of travel. You may find the following table useful. Note: When hiring a car you will receive the car with a full tank of petrol but you also need to refill the tank before returning the car. Consider how many tanks of petrol you will need to travel both ways and include the costs of petrol in your table,

Origin:                         Destination:                     
Transportation Distance Ticket/Hire Price Price/km Other costs insurance/taxes/baggage/entertainment/food/petrol


Hire car











Step 3: Compare the time taken via each mode of transport.

Origin:                                   Destination:                       
Transportation Distance Time    
Hire car    

Step 4: Discuss which would be the best choice. Compare the total costs, value for money, cost per kilometre, cost per hour and any other considerations you may have when making your choice. 


Task 2

Your task is to calculate the cost per kilometre of travelling to a destination.

Step 1: Consider the following map.

Estimate the distance from Brisbane to Townsville

Step 2: Find the average price of a one-way ticket to fly from Brisbane to Townsville, based on three ticket prices.

Step 3: Calculate the cost per kilometre.

Step 4: Compare the cost of flying from Brisbane to Townsville with the cost of driving, if petrol costs an average of 145 cents per litre and your car's petrol consumption rate is 4 kilometres per litre. Remember to recheck what the distance would be by car. 

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 using a map of your choice.


Task 3

Your task is to create a budget and itinerary for a European holiday for a group of 4 people.

  • Choose a destination and time of year to visit, is there something you would like to see?
  • Find the cost of plane tickets to your destination
  • Find suitable accommodation
  • Plan some outings, activities in the main location of your trip
  • Plan one day trip to a different location
  • Obtain maps and highlight the route you will take
  • Investigate car hire and compare cost and time taken to a bus tour or local transport
  • Consider fuel costs for your hire car


Create an itinerary

Create an itinerary to plan your holiday and keep a record of planned activities, suggested format is:

Day Date Activity
1 Example: 
  • Flight: Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur 2:30 pm (Arrive 8:45 pm, Layover: 3 h 10 m)
  • Flight: Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam 11:55 pm
2 Tuesday
  • Arrive Amsterdam 6:55 am
  • Hotel: Kings Court Hotel 
  • City bus tour

When creating an itinerary remember to take into account time differences for flights and time to get to and from places. Don't include too many activities on a single day and be mindful how you will return to your hotel each day.

Create a budget

Create a budget to estimate the cost of the holiday, to ensure you keep within your means and can make a savings plan prior to the trip. A suggested format is:

Item Cost in \$ (Australian) Cost in Euro (or local currency)
1. Flights    
2. Accommodation    

When creating your budget ensure you include:

  • Cost of flights and accommodation
  • Cost of transport to and from the hotel
  • Cost of food
  • Travel insurance
  • Some spending money
  • Cost of any planned activities
  • Cost of day trip including car hire or alternate transport

Further questions to consider:

  • What was the cost per person for the trip?
  • Is the trip as expensive as you thought it would be?
  • Can you make a savings plan for the trip?
  • What other things should you take into account when planning a holiday such as this?



calculate the time or costs for a journey from distances estimated from maps

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