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12.04 Timetables

Interactive practice questions

If Charlie catches a train at 1:23 pm from Circular Quay, what time will he arrive at Central?

Station pm pm pm pm pm pm pm
Museum $1$1:$11$11 $1$1:$15$15 $1$1:$17$17 $1$1:$21$21   $1$1:$26$26 $1$1:$30$30
St. James $1$1:$13$13   $1$1:$19$19 $1$1:$23$23 $1$1:$26$26   $1$1:$32$32
Circular Quay $1$1:$17$17 $1$1:$20$20 $1$1:$23$23 $1$1:$27$27     $1$1:$36$36
Wynyard $1$1:$19$19 $1$1:$22$22   $1$1:$29$29 $1$1:$31$31   $1$1:$38$38
Town Hall $1$1:$22$22 $1$1:$25$25   $1$1:$32$32     $1$1:$41$41
Central $1$1:$26$26 $1$1:$29$29 $1$1:$30$30 $1$1:$36$36 $1$1:$36$36 $1$1:$37$37 $1$1:$45$45

$\editable{}$:$\editable{}$ pm

Less than a minute

Attached is Thilini's school timetable.

What lesson did Thilini have at $8$8:$47$47 on Monday?

If Susie is at Museum at $5$5:$19$19 pm, what is the earliest time she can get to Central by?

The 5:17 pm train from Museum takes how long to get to Central?

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interpret timetables, such as bus, train and ferry timetables


use several timetables and electronic technologies to plan the most time-efficient routes


interpret complex timetables, such as tide charts, sunrise charts and moon phases

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