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Create and interpret line graphs (rational number axis)

Interactive practice questions

Danielle's distance from home throughout the day is recorded on the line graph below.


How far was Danielle from her house at $2:00$2:00PM?


What time did Danielle get back home?

Time = $\editable{}$$:00$:00 PM


What was the furthest distance Danielle was from her house?

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The line graph below shows the height of a tree over four years.

Fred ran in an obstacle race with three laps. Each lap was divided into three equal sections. The time he took to complete each section of each lap is represented in the line graph below.

A university divides its years into trimesters (one third of a year).

Roxanne is planning on enrolling at the university and uses the line graph below to see how many units of study she can complete in a given number of years.

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