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Numbers, words and symbols (thousandths)


In the same way that we can represent whole numbers using symbols, numerals or words, we can represent decimals.  

There are different ways of writing or representing numbers. We can show the value of a number using symbols, such as blocks, numerals (e.g. $1423$1423), or words, (e.g. one thousand, four hundred and twenty three).

When looking at decimals, using an image such as this can be used to represent our whole.

We can then look at smaller parts of this whole, and write it as a decimal, using words and numerals.  This video shows you how our whole can help us think of small parts, and how to write them.



Question 1

How do we write the number $0.004$0.004 in words?

  1. zero point zero and four


    four thousandths


    zero and four hundredths



Question 2

Enter the number zero point three four five as a decimal.


Question 3

What number is one hundredth more than zero point four zero nine?

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