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Level 7 - NCEA Level 2

Applications to Data

Interactive practice questions

A call centre recorded the duration of each phone call an employee made during a day. The results are shown on the following histogram.

Phone CallsLength of call (in minutes)Number of calls5101234567


Complete the frequency table.

Length of calls



of calls

$1$1 $\editable{}$
$2$2 $\editable{}$
$3$3 $\editable{}$
$4$4 $\editable{}$
$5$5 $\editable{}$
$6$6 $\editable{}$
$7$7 $\editable{}$
Total: $\editable{}$

What is the total number of minutes spent on phone calls?


What is the probability that a call, chosen at random, has a duration of $7$7 minutes? Give your answer as a percentage correct to two decimal places.

Approx 6 minutes
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The times from the 800m final at the 2016 Summer Olympics are given in the table:

The salaries of men and women working the same job at the same company are given below:

Junior's Garage conducts a stocktake of all replacement parts in their shop, recording the year of manufacture and quantity of each part.

The results are shown in the following table.



S7-4 Investigate situations that involve elements of chance: A comparing theoretical continuous distributions, such as the normal distribution, with experimental distributions B calculating probabilities, using such tools as two-way tables, tree diagrams, simulations, and technology.


Apply probability methods in solving problems

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