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Level 7 - NCEA Level 2

Remainder and Factor Theorem

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Christa wants to test whether various linear expressions divide exactly into $P\left(x\right)$P(x), or whether they leave a remainder. For each linear expression below, state the value of $x$x that needs to be substituted into $P\left(x\right)$P(x) to find the remainder.









Approx 2 minutes
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Fill in the gap to make the statement true.

If $P\left(x\right)=-2x^4+7x^3-3x^2-6x-5$P(x)=2x4+7x33x26x5 and $A\left(x\right)=x+2$A(x)=x+2. Use the remainder theorem to find the remainder when $P\left(x\right)$P(x) is divided by $A\left(x\right)$A(x).

Using the remainder theorem, find the remainder when $P\left(x\right)=-4x^4+6x^3+4x^2-7x+7$P(x)=4x4+6x3+4x27x+7 is divided by $A\left(x\right)=3x-1$A(x)=3x1.

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