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Level 7 - NCEA Level 2

Systems of Linear and Non-Linear Functions

Interactive practice questions

Consider the hyperbola $y=\frac{3}{x}$y=3x and the line $y=5$y=5.


To solve for the point of intersection of the hyperbola and the line, Laura forms the equation $\frac{3}{x}=5$3x=5. At how many points will the two graphs intersect?


Solve for the $x$x-coordinate of the point of intersection.


Hence state the coordinates of the point of intersection in the form $\left(x,y\right)$(x,y).

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Consider the hyperbola $xy=2$xy=2 and the straight line $y=x+6$y=x+6.

Consider the circle with equation $x^2+y^2=22$x2+y2=22 and the line with equation $y=2$y=2.

The parabola $y=x^2+1$y=x2+1 has been graphed on the number plane.

State the minimum value of $k$k such that the line $y=k$y=k has at least one point of intersection with the parabola.



Form and use pairs of simultaneous equations, one of which may be non-linear


Apply systems of equations in solving problems

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