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New Zealand
Level 7 - NCEA Level 2

Fact or Fiction (Investigation)



  • To practice solving one, two, and three step inequalities.


  • Printed out fact sheet
  • Paper and pen 


  1. On the printed fact sheet you will find a fact with an inequality below it. Next to the inequality is a value that may or may not lie in the solution set of that inequality.
  2. Solve each of the inequalities and determine if the possible value is in the solution set of the inequality or not.
  3. If the value is in the solution set then the fact above it was true and vice versa.


  1. Compare your answer with a friends. Did they get the same answers?
  2. Which inequalities and facts did you determine to be false? Determine the solution set for that inequality and use the internet to discover the real fact.
  3. Look online and find facts of your own. Then either create or lookup inequalities. The inequalities you choose should either be one step, two step, or three step. Create your own fact sheet like the one that was provided. Your fact sheet must include at least 5 facts. For the facts that are true propose a solution that is in the solution set of the associated inequality. For the facts that are false propose a solution you know to not be in the solution set of the associated inequality.
  4. Swap fact sheets with a friend and determine which facts are true.

Fact Sheet

True or False?



Form and use pairs of simultaneous equations, one of which may be non-linear


Apply systems of equations in solving problems

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