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Level 7 - NCEA Level 2

Trigonometry in 3D

Interactive practice questions

A square prism has sides of length $3$3cm, $3$3cm and $14$14cm as shown.


If the diagonal $HF$HF has a length of $z$z cm, calculate $z$z to two decimal places.


If the size of $\angle DFH$DFH is $\theta$θ°, find theta to two decimal places.

Approx 5 minutes
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The following is a right pyramid on a square base with side length $12$12cm. A right pyramid has its apex aligned directly above the centre of its base.

The edge length $VA$VA is $23$23cm.

All edges of the following cube are $7$7 cm long.

A rectangular prism has dimensions as labelled on the diagram.



Apply trigonometric relationships, including the sine and cosine rules, in two and three dimensions


Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems

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