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Level 6 - NCEA Level 1

Create and Interpret Two Way Tables

Interactive practice questions

Members of a gym were asked what kind of training they do. Each responder only did one kind of training. The table shows the results.

  Cardio Weight
Male $12$12 $26$26
Female $44$44 $18$18

How many gym members were asked altogether?


How many members do weight training?


What percentage of the gym members do weight training?

Approx 2 minutes

The following table has been drawn up to show the results of a survey on smoking.

This table describes the departures of flights out of an airport for the months of May and June.

Two motels promoted packages for one night and two night stays. This table records the results.

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Plan and conduct investigations using the statistical enquiry cycle: A justifying the variables and measures used B managing sources of variation, including through the use of random sampling C identifying and communicating features in context (trends, relationships between variables, and differences within and between distributions), using multiple displays D making informal inferences about populations from sample data E justifying findings, using displays and measures.


Investigate a given multivariate data set using the statistical enquiry cycle


Investigate bivariate numerical data using the statistical enquiry cycle

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