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Probabilities of Games

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What is the probability of picking the ten of diamonds in a standard deck of cards?

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A local raffle prize will be given to the person who has the winning number from one of the $200$200 tickets sold. What is the probability of winning the raffle if you purchase $30$30 tickets?

Christa enters a competition in which she guesses the 3-digit code (from 000 to 999) which cracks open a vault containing one million dollars. If the 3-digit number to open the vault is randomly generated by a computer, what is the probability that it is:

In a card game, Aaron is dealt a hand of two cards from a standard deck of $52$52 cards. How many different hands are possible?



Investigate situations that involve elements of chance: A comparing discrete theoretical distributions and experimental distributions, appreciating the role of sample size B calculating probabilities in discrete situations.


Investigate a situation involving elements of chance

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