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Level 6 - NCEA Level 1

Zero power with variable bases

Interactive practice questions

Fill in the missing value to complete the pattern.

$k^5=1\times k\times k\times k\times k\times k$k5=1×k×k×k×k×k
$k^4=1\times k\times k\times k\times k$k4=1×k×k×k×k
$k^3=1\times k\times k\times k$k3=1×k×k×k
$k^2=1\times k\times k$k2=1×k×k
$k^1=1\times k$k1=1×k
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Let's explore how to use index laws to find the value of $g^0$g0.

Fill in the missing power to make the equation true.

Evaluate $741^0$7410.



Extend powers to include integers and fractions.


Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems

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